About Us

Pure Nature Music is an artist management company based in San Francisco, CA.

For over 20 years we have worked with prominent world music acts, including:

  • Tuvan throat singing ensemble Chirgilchin
  • Choral group Oktay, performing the songs of Siberian Old Believers
  • Dance group Elvel from Kamchatka
  • Folk ensemble Ordo Sakhna of Kyrgyzstan

Today, our roster includes:

  • Asia M, a collaboration between Central Asian musicians from Yakutia, Tuva, and Kyrgyzstan
  • Buryatian dance theater collective Theater Baikal
  • Throat singing ensemble Altai Kai
  • Folk ensemble SAMO from Tajikistan 
  • Persian classical music ensemble Lian from Los Angeles 
  • Jenisbek Piyazov, an award winning operatic baritone from Uzbekistan


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