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Infinity of Sound

Infinity of Sound is a New-Age Korean traditional music group that consists of triplet sisters Kim Jin-ah(Kayagum), Kim Sun-ah(Kumun-go), and Kim Min-ah(Haegum). They first attracted public attention at the 2005 Traditional Music Festival in Vietnam, and are well known for having performed in joint concerts with numerous famous performers.
    Infinity of Sound's first album, Step One, is unique in that there is no artificial sound used throughout the entire album. The songs in the album are only played with the triplets’ Korean harps and fiddles as well as other acoustic instruments. Their music is pure like their image, and the fact that their music is not blended with Western electronic instruments opened new passages for Korean fusion music. Additionally, while they perform using Korean traditional instruments, their songs are unlike Korean traditional music, since their style of singing is contemporary. 
    Their EP In Dreams Volume 1 consists of a remixed version of ‘Spring’, the lead single from their first album, and five new songs. Unlike their debut album, attention is drawn to collaboration with electronic music, revealing an attempt to re-interpret Korean traditional music through the nuances of contemporary music.

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