Khusugtun is a group of classically trained Mongolian folk musicians. They take their inspiartion from ancient Mongolian tradition. Khusugtun's performances combine classical western and traditional Mongolian instruments with ancient throat singing melodies.

Ariunbold Dashdorj
Horse-head fiddle, throat singing, guitar. Ariunbold is a graduate of the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture, holding two Bachelor degrees in Double Bass and Music Composition.

Batzorig Vaanchig
Horse-head fiddle, throat singing. Batzorig was born in 1977 in Galuut Soum. He was trained on the horse-head fiddle at the Institute of Culture, Ulaanbaatar. Today, he is a music teacher and musician.

Amarbayasgalan Chovjoo (Amaraa)
Zither. Amaraa has been a Soloist at the Mongolian National Song and Dance Ensemble since 2008. In 2009, she established the Khusugtun ensemble, where she is a soloist. She is a professor of zither at the University of Culture and Art.

Chuluunbaatar Oyungerel (Chuka)
Horse-head fiddle, throat singing. Born in 1989 in Ulaabaatar, Chuluunbaatar graduated from the College of Music and Dance as a solo musician.

Ulambayar Khurelbaatar (Uugaa)
Cello, tovshuur (lute), throat singing. Born in 1989 in Ulaanbaatar, Ulambayar studied cello at the College of Music and Dance.

Adiyadorj Gombosuren (Adiya)
Fife, throat singing, percussion. Born in 1981 in Ulaanbaatar, Adiyadorj graduated from the College of Music and Dance, where he studied folk flute. From 2001 to 2005, he was an art  critic and professor at the National University of Mongolia.

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