Theater Baikal

“Charming display”, “Fantastic vibrancy, expression and poetry” - these are just a few of the many words of praise that international publications have used to review Theater Baikal's productions.The theater has enjoyed success with diverse international audiences, and although Baikal is often on tour across Europe and America, it maintains its vital connection with Buryatia, the land where burning summer heat gives way to arctic winds in the cold months, and where the theater draws inspiration from nature: the Great Lake, sky-high peaks, vast valleys and rich taiga forests.

Each dance that Baikal stages is a performance on its own, and the names speak for themselves: “The Breath of Western Lake”, “The Black Pearl of the Golden Dragon”, “The Flying Goddess Dunhuan”. In addition to these, the theater has put on larger, truly exquisite projects, such as “The Spirit of Ancestors” and “The Splendour of Asia”.

Splendour of Asia
"Splendour of Asia" is a colorful show featuring exotic songs and dances of the peoples of Asia, woven from the foundations of traditional and modern dance from the Asian continent. This is a breathtaking journey through the most beautiful places in South-East Asia and the Far East, showing the array of luxury dresses, alluring wonder and fragility of it all. The show is a play of gold brocade and gems, precious hats with pheasant feathers, bright, stunning accessories, exotic musical instruments. More than 500 costumes for ceremonial dances were specially made to order in China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

The Echo of the  Bargudzhin Tukum Land
This is the second large production of the theater, which according to the authors will take a special place in the hearts of the audience. This is not only a story of love, but one of loyalty and selfless sacrifice. Without a doubt, this is a tale that will stir emotions in any audience.
    In 2016, the "Echo of the Bargudzhin Tukum Land" was awarded the title of Laureate of the State Award of the Republic of Buryatia in the field of literature and art.

The Myths and Legends of Lake Baikal
In this performance, the directors intended to return to the simplistic nature of national songs and dances, while maintaining the philosophy and depth of the Buryat folklore. The performance takes the myths and legends of the Lake Baikal area as its basis. The authors seek for their harmonious combination in one story where the key link is the image of the lake. The musical score includes the noise and percussion instruments made of the Baikal stones, as well as traditional Buryat instruments, some of them unchanged over thousands of years.

The Spirit of Ancestors
The performance "Spirit of Ancestors" was created in 2005 and draws on the myths of Mongolian peoples. The premiere of the performance was the culmination of nearly a decade of research: the study of the spiritual heritage of the ancestors of Mongolian ethnic groups, the restoration and reconstruction of costumes and songs, and consultation with leading academic experts. The performance presents the art of Mongolian peoples with all of its rich folklore, and the beauty of ancient songs and dances. In this mystical performance, the spirit of ancestors powerfully manifests itself and leaves audiences speechless from the feeling of belonging to such an ancient tradition.

This is a musical project that lets the orchestra to demonstrate the whole range of Buryat traditional instruments. Musicians perform compositions for duets, trios, and quartets. The repertoire includes diverse musical works of different composers from around the world. Audiences will hear covers of famous songs, soundtracks from favorite films, immortal classics, music of the peoples of the world, all scored specially for Buryat folk instruments.


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