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Ultra High Flamenco

In 2005 the Jerez-born bailaor Joaquín Grilo gathered the band for a show, in which these four musicians came together for the first time. The group
chemistry was instantaneous and they decided to create their musical project: UHF, Ultra High Flamenco.
    They made their debut at the Helsinki Flamenco Festival in 2007 and that same year recorded their first album: “UHF”. Since then they have participated in many Festivals of Flamenco and Jazz, like the New York Flamenco Festival, Festival Flamenco in Miami, Les Nuits Flamencas in Chateauvallon, Note di Notte (Sicily), Stans Festival (Switzerland), Jazz Plus Sofia Festival (Bulgaria), Festival365 Jazz Bilbao, Seville Biennial, Jerez Flamenco Festival, Berlin Flamenco Festival, Holland Biennial, Sodra Teatern (Stockholm), Helsinki Flamenco Festival, Cervantino International Festival (Mexico) and many more.
    Each of the four members contributes his trajectory and influences, distinct from each other, because they come from very different styles. All of them converge in flamenco and in that special way of understanding music. Improvisation has a very important place in the concept of the group.
    At the beginning of 2010 the second edition of the album “UHF” came out with a renewed image and some variations in its content. In 2011 “Bipolar” was
presented at the Flamenco Festival in Jerez. It was nominated for best flamenco record by the UFI (Unión Fonográfica Independiente). Today, the group is working on their new album, which will be released in late 2017.

Past performances

New York Flamenco Festival (US)
Miami Flamenco Festival (US)
Suma Flamenca (Madrid, Spain)
Bienal de Sevilla (Sevilla, Spain)
Noche Blanca del Flamenco de Córdoba (Córdoba, Spain)
Festival de Jerez (Cádiz, Spain)
Festival Encuentros (Cuenca, Spain)
Festival de Úbeda “Ámonos pal flamenco” (Jaén, Spain)
Festival “Noches en los Jardines del Alcázar” Sevilla (Spain)
Festival Ciutat Vella (Barcelona, Spain)
Festival Internacional Cervantino (Spain)
Festival de las Artes de Sinaloa (Spain)
Festival Flamenco (Helsinki, Finland)
Festival Flamenco (Tampere, Finland)
Les Nuits Flamencas de Chateauvallon (France)
Festival Flamenco (Berlin, Germany)
Sodra Teatern (Stockholm, Sweden)
Bienal de Holanda (Netherlands)
Festival Leonide Massine (Positano, Italy)

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